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03-24-2013, 10:49 PM
I'm quite on the fence about this. On one end, yes, turn rate buff. There's no reason not to give that anymore considering the sheer amount of turn rate pretty much everything else has.

As for the universal spots...I dunno.

It's a bit difficult to say. I mean, even if you switch to Tac and sci skills, at the lower levels, there's still not a huge amount of choices, so you'd still have to be limited in your decisions, though at least that would open it up more.

Honestly, if there were more Ensign and Lt. level (specifically engineering) skills that DIDN'T all just share cooldowns with each other, it wouldn't be quite so bad. Between a few more skills and a turn rate buff, cruisers would probably be a lot better. They're truly gimped due to turn and lack of BOFFs I feel now a days more than anything. KDF cruisers, cannons and cloak or not, still have to deal with the same thing, but at least they usually have the turn to make it work.

Still, just feels like universal slots aren't the way to go.