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Um, ok, firstly, no; if escorts get any less durable than they already are then how the hell is anyone supposed to do the campaign? I run with a patrol escort, VA with a rare covariant cap2 shield and 2 neutronium alloy and I still have trouble with some of the npc ships, especially since I'm usually solo and not in a fleet.
Maybe it's just me, but I like trouble. Yeah, I had a hard time soloing plenty of parts in the campaign as a tac/escort, but I like a challenge, and the only thing I was never able to find a good way around in the single-player content was the giant furball of doom at the end of Boldly They Rode. (oh, um... spoi-lers....) Some things took me longer to figure out than others, but I found that what I needed to do was play to my ship's strengths.
What was essential (for me, at least) when dealing with the nastier enemies in the solo PvE content was to out-maneuver them, engage in multiple hit-and-run attacks, darting out of range entirely when I had lost the tactical upper-hand, and pinning the more front-loaded enemies in place whenever possible. I have very fond memories of when my Heavy Escort and I would "joust" with D'deridexes in order to exploit their turn-rate, weapons positioning, and firing behaviors.

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Secondly, steadfastly NO; if tacs get any weaker on ground then they're going to be one-shotted by pretty much everything, . . .
I don't think I've seen anyone talk about nerfing tacs on the ground. Closest I've seen is someone saying that tacs suck at ground combat, and them rocking at space combat is their compensation for it.
No, tac officers do not need ground debuffs, and I will back you up on that if anyone suggests otherwise. (Frankly between my Fed tac and my KDF sci-- it's the science officer who rocks at ground combat. I don't think any other class can solo Manus on elite difficulty!)

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Thirdly, finally, WHAT?!?: Now look, I can see why tacs should be nerfed in pvp, that's fair but I, personally, get tired of the constant ******** and moaning from people with a pvp/fleet action mentality (I don't see any other reason that you'd be complaining so if you're not in that group, just take this as disjointed ranting), there is more to the game than pvp/fleet action.

Having said all of that, nerfing the high level npc ships for solo players, now THAT, that I can understand.
Do STFs count in the fleet action territory? Because that's where I am. I like cooperative play, but I suck too bad for PvP. :P
However, when the best STF party consists of 5 tac/escorts (followed closely by 4 tac/escorts and either 1 tac/cruiser or 1 sci/escort), you've got a problem. Any job that anyone needs to do in an STF, an escort can do it best.

Also I would be pretty sad if high-level NPC ships in solo play were debuffed. I may be weird in wanting a challenge and feeling like I might lose, but even the supposed-to-be-difficult encounters in the Foundry and the single-player daily missions... I can handle easier than I'd prefer. It doesn't even qualifies as a boast to say that my escort has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to rip apart a Keldon-class battleship on advanced difficulty in 45 seconds or less. Frankly, the fact that it often took me more than 30 seconds says that I fail at escort. :P

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