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03-25-2013, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by talien View Post
Given the current Tholian penchant of spamming target weapons, and the utter lack of immunity to it after being hit by it for players, I predict STFs full of players with permanently disabled weapons with having multiple copies of feedback pulse or gravwell being the only way to complete them.
The lack of immunity is really the worst part since they can chain it.

Really, not having the Leadership trait for KDF in decent amounts, and eventually Romulans as well is gonna make it REALLY annoying to have improved Subsystem Repair on a non-Fed player. (and there's only so many Maraurding BOFFs to go around)

It's easy to get rid of the disable, but only if you have multiple ways of clearing it, and even then, there's still no immunity so they can just hit you with it again.