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03-25-2013, 12:58 AM
My main character is the worst hoarder of them all.

He has 15 bridge officers who mostly hold the loads of tribbles and food that breeds top-end tribbles he's collected. All his BOFFs have purple gear. Most of them have Mk XI Omega or MACO from when he was grinding Ground elites for the MACO armor and tons of XI gear would drop.

His inventory has one row of purple X kits (one of each), one row of space pets, one row of ground pets, one row of ground weapons that won't fit in his BOFFs (for different sorts of missions), a couple of rows of stuff from the Tholian and New Romulus missions that you have to collect, a row of tribbles, and then whatever else he is dealing with at the moment.

His bank slots are completely maxed out and full. He had to give his crafting material to his Klingon counterpart because he ran out of room. The bank is full of stuff like bound ship boxes (Odyssey, Ambassador, Breen), party poppers, special weapons he never uses (like the TOS phaser rifles and the nanopulse lasers), prototype plans, regenerators and components (for STFs), Borg neural processors, et cetera.