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03-25-2013, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
My Tor'kaht is a god in PvE. And does well in PvP too. Comparing my KDF BC to a fed cannon cruiser is like comparing a dinghy to a Battleship. There is no comparison. If it came down to my Tor'kaht vs my Imperial, even my Imperial running cannons (which I would never dishonor her by doing so), my Tor'kaht would win very easily. Even if my Imperial had DHCs it would not be able to utilize them as well as my Tor'kaht. To say nothing of my Odyssey.

But it's a goes without saying when talking about the vast superiority that KDF battlecruisers have over Fed cruisers. It's almost not worth even trying to compare them. KDF battlecruisers are just that much better.
This is pretty much why I tell Federation cruiser captains to fly KDF battlecruisers rather than demanding that Federation cruisers be turned into clones of KDF ones. I'm tired of Feddies taking KDF concepts.

By my reckoning, the KDF have these ship advantages: Battlecloaking+universal boffslot BoPs (which pay a fair bit in stats in order to have these things), battlecruisers, and carriers. The carrier edge has been watered down due to Feddies getting a carrier. The BoP advantage has been watered down by the inclusion of universal boffslots in the most elite ships.

I do not want to see the battlecruiser edge watered down by giving the Feddies a more competitive version of it. Not without the Federation giving up a few of its ship advantages first (such as an actual science ship line, better escorts, and more variety in said escorts). It's a matter of trade-offs, and the Federation hasn't been keeping up its end of the 'trade'.

If the Federation players want to fly a cruiser that will dish out DPS like an escort, they need to stop demanding an unbalanced buff to cruisers and start flying KDF battlecruisers.