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03-25-2013, 01:00 AM
So, a typical day lately on STO.

A nice sunday where i can indulge in my favourite game with no pesky work issues.....

Log on at 9.30 to do the Doff

9.33 Unable to log on, three attempts later finally get online

9.49 Disconnected from server while logging in a new toon

Log off at 10.15

Log on at 12.45 to fly with my fleet

1.03 Disconnected from server while transitioning from sector space to fleet base instance

Log off at 2.30

Log on at 4.50 to redo Doffs, play without interruption until 5.30

Log on at 11.15pm to finish a few things off.

Unable to connect to game server. Six repeated attempts until 11.21 when it finally allows me to log on.

11.42 Timed out when transitioning from Azure rescue to Beta Ursae

11.43 Timed out reconnecting

11.45 Timed out transitining from Beta Ursae to DS9 space

11.46 Timed out reconnecting

11.47 Timed out transitionign from DS9 space to the base.

Played until 12.45 or so with no further disconnects.


280 minutes attempting to play with a total of 16 disconnects.

Approximately a disconnect every 17.5 minutes of game play.

I don't think this is working as intended.