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03-25-2013, 02:22 AM
By itself, 3D printed models of player ships and toons are a great idea - it was suggested in a past Ask Cryptic that tangible goods could be available from the C-store in the future.

A possible workflow could be:
  • Player chooses asset(s) to be 3D printed (e.g. ship, Captain with pose, BOff with pose)

  • Player pays for 3D printing service via C-store

  • Game software packages the model(s) into Stereolithography (STL) files or whatever format 3D printing companies use

  • Files are sent to companies such as Shapeways for production.

  • Shapeways directly mails printed models to player.

Profits will be split between CBS (IP holder), PWE (for offering the service) and Shapeways (actual production).

Obviously issues such as surface finish, durability and support materials would need to be considered - but that's how I see it could possibly be realised.

Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Printing them at home means you're not paying royalties to whoever owns the trek franchise.

But I guess that by the time the 3D printing really gets going there's going to be plenty of templates available anyway so no need to worry.

There's already a program that converts 2D images into 3D models of it. So you could probably just screenshot your game, convert it and print it.
3D printers aren't commonplace enough for most people to models print at home. Yes, there are hobbyist models like MakerBot and RepRap, but for most users it takes months of tweaking to properly setup/calibrate/maintain what are essentially temperamental beasts.

Also, I believe the OP was thinking along the lines of figurines rather than flat bas relief patterns - even with the software you speak of, users are still going have difficulty converting colored screenshots into useable bump maps.

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots