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03-25-2013, 03:26 AM
Originally Posted by matridunadan1 View Post
Because this is the fallback excuse that every escort fanboy will bring out every single time a thread like this pops up.

"You can't nerf escorts/cannons cause we're the damage dealers and you can't buff cruisers cause you're the tanks and if you want to deal damage then fly escorts and escorts need a buff to hull cause we die too fast and you don't."

Sounds about right. Thing is, I see the benefit of some ships dealing more damage than others. Case in point: Defiant Class. I also see the benefit in some ships being better at scientific assignments (Oberth Class). But there really isn't any "tanking" niche for Federation ships. Hull hitpoints are determined by the ships mass, and there are plenty of examples of high mass "Escorts", which are not classified as "tanks" by the game. Akira Class and Prometheus Class being two quite notable examples of this. Both are considered Escorts in STO, and both have a rather high mass (and thus should have high hitpoints).

Ultimately, the best balance would be to achieve one where all ships (no matter if they are escorts, cruisers or science ships) deal relatively the same amount of damage, and have relatively equal survivability potential. Choice of ship should come down to player preference. Not "You must choose THIS ship, to be best at doing THIS". What's the point in having 50 different ships, if only ONE specific ship is the best for a given task?

(As a primarily Science Captain/Science ship flyer, I do not feel subject to this whole "Escort fanboyism-bs")

And FWIW, I don't necessarily see a need to make 1 buffed, and 1 nerfed. I'd rather just see an across-the-board balance between the ships, rather than shoe-horning ships into given roles (which have no place in a Trek game).