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03-25-2013, 06:08 AM
I've read this post and a couple others but I've decided to ask this question here because there seems to be some knowledgable people contributing to the thread. Please don't crucify me for the question as this is all relatively new to me. I spec'd into a tactical officer and I think I'm ok as far as my tach build I focused mostly on shield/hull protection and regen and energy weapons. I am using a "bug" assault craft that I was lucky enough to get Forman officer pack and it is better than anything else I have at the moment. My question is this. I don't do pvp at all and don't plan to. I'm not in a fleet so I don't know how much load out in fleet ops matters. All I do is pugs for reg and elite missions and regular dailies. What kind of weapons, consoles, etc etc should I use for my current play style? I've also started the omega quest line but am curious as to which space equipment to build. Borg,Maco or Omega. I've tried to provide as much info as I can. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Feel free to dumb it down for me aswell as many of the terms and abbrv are new to me. Again, thanks.