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03-25-2013, 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by coupaholic View Post
I started a thread about the new Tholian rep system a few weeks back, and basically said that Tholians would make excellent elite mission material simply because how tough they are to fight.

I can't believe that it would be terribly difficult to have normal and elite versions of Tholian STF's just like the Borg missions we have now, so all crowds are catered for. Such missions would be great to get engineers and science ships back into the game. Tanks can bear the brunt of disables, tractors and webs. Science ships can use their crowd control against widows or mesh weavers. Such ships would free up the tacs to apply their DPS.

All this is idle speculation, but to be honest all I hope is that we get something new to play for Tholian marks. Just don't expect us to grind the same content we have, or have me raise baby spiders.
Because if they don't fix the current system to gate away content from idiots, then we'll just have the same problem of morons with rainbow beam cruisers picking elites and not having a clue.
And before you say "hur dur play wif fleet mates lol", that is not something one can do all the time for various reasons, especially when the solution to seperating the wheat from the chaff in pugs is relatively simple.