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03-25-2013, 06:25 AM
Imho they're going to be close in difficulty to what we have today, unless they completely rework the queuing system. Currently you can do any content with any combination of tanks, DDs, healers and supporters, and unless they're going to change it to require tanks & healers, they have a certain boundary as to how difficult they can make it.

Reputation system = access to Tholian tech which, if the other reputation system are anything to go by, heavily implies, at the very least, a ceasefire.

Enemies don't share tech with each other (unless it is, like Task Force Omega, for the greater good).
It could be a combination of Omega-Force-like, anti-tholian gear (tet-resist, resist to disable subsystems) and a small amount of scavanged items (see: borg).