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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
"why this game isn't doing so well..."

That's an opinion, not fact. And no, the Gorn should alternately look like either;


EDIT: It should be noted, while the game is certainly set in the "JJ universe", the games Gorn look nothing like the proposed Gorn that were cut from the 2009 movie;
What a conservative stick in the mud!

For one, that is once more opinion, not fact. In-fact, yours for now.
Two, the Gorn made for the 2009 film were limited by makeup.
CGI wasn't offered in this scenario, even though it could have been.

Now then, didn't you consider that Digital Extremes were giving the Gorn some justice?
As well as some kind of a unified, synchronized form between the 2009 Barney Burman
Gorn makeup, the TOS Gorn Captain and the ENT Gorn Slave Master? Hmm, perhaps?

I mean please, it's not like the Gorn have gone through several variations already.