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03-25-2013, 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by retrosrages View Post
lol you make me laugh, every captain has captain skills and if you want to start setting special rules just for tac toons then your barking up the wrong tree and it WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN
So my logical conclusion of either nerfing Tacitcal Officers in some way OR boosting all the others in some way make you laugh OK your a biased immature person who don't care about the game balance because anyone who does would have to admit that things are not fine as is and that Tactical officers need a nerf OR others need a boost.

I have officers on both the Federation side and Klingon side with at least 1 character from each career path for those factions and plan on doing the same when Romulans come out. I want them to all be balanced because a better balanced game is a healthier game and a healthier game lasts longer because it is more fun for all and people who have more fun spend more and play more. Unlike you I care about the state of the game and am not biased toward any career path.