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Originally Posted by janewaywarrior View Post
As a Tactical Captain myself, I have noticed the enormous power I have over other Captain's of different classes. Coupled with obviously over-powered vessels such as the JHAS or Fleet Defiant and it becomes a deadly "synergy" of its own.

So lets stop this talk about "re-balancing Engineering and Science" which quite frankly, we all know that Cryptic are just not able to do. They've had 3 years to balance the classes and have failed and proved they are not interested in that.

The most simple solution is to nerf the damage that Tactical Captain's are capable of. Stop Attack Pattern Alpha from interacting with Science Abilities by locking it to "WEAPON DAMAGE ONLY" and nerfing it to 25%. Also Go Down Fighting should also be "WEAPON DAMAGE ONLY" and nerf the durability of Escorts by 15% across to board to become the Glass Cannons that we all know that they should be.

These topics about changing skills etc are really not needed because it just brings us away from the main issues. Tactical has been too powerful for too long and are Cryptic's favorites because they do not know how to do other abilities without making damage ridiculous.
So take the one Captain in STO whose capabilities, whose Captain powers, aren't particularly over or under performing and nerf them.


You know what happens next? They're still ideal for for PvE. Tac/Escort would still be tough enough to do the content, it'd still be the optimal setup for speed running anything other than Hive and No Win, it'd still be the most efficient setup for leveling up.


With two, maybe three, notable exceptions, the mob and encounter design of STO does not contain sufficient complexity to match the capabilities of players outside of the current binary state of "not hurting you meaningfully or you are dead." Until it grows and evolves (hopefully the revamped Crystalline Entity marks the first step in this direction) into something more fluid in line with capabilities of players than the current "kill everything as fast you can and try not to be instagibbed," killing everything as fast as possible will remain the optimal way to play PvE content.

PvP is a whole different ballgame, and if you think "Hi, I'm a Tac in a Bug, I'm going to win now" accurately sums it up, you are sorely mistaken, though it seemed the main thrust of your point was aimed at the PvE performance of the Tac/Escort combo.
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