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Originally Posted by alanburch View Post
I am grateful for the threads that link JJverse, (including Countdown and obviously Spock Prime), with everything that came before, because they could have not done anything at all to bridge realities.

I don't like, however, the notion of endless copies of characters, (or real people for that matter), in an infinite number of realities. It cheapens the uniqueness of an individuals life-soul.
If that really bothers you, then I am unsure how you can be a fan of Trek at all.

This is a universe where both Spock and Data can copy themselves into new bodies and be considered the same people. These weren't even personality transfers seeing as the originals were still walking around afterwards long enough to sacrifice themselves, these were copies. Data may be an android, but Spock basically copied his soul.

One might say that the Soul is broader than just one being and is what ties all our different selves in different realities together. To me that is actually pretty awesome and does the opposite of cheapening us.

Or these infinite selves are still unique individuals. We just start with similar source material. I think that if this is true, our uniqueness actually matters a lot more. Being born an identical twin doesn't cheapen someone's individuality.