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His point still stands however. Whenever a thread is started, calling for a buff to Cruisers and/or Science, the "Escort fanboys" as he called it, come out in droves arguing against a buff to any other ship but their own. And why? Well, because they don't want to feel "replaced" as the go-to dps ship(s) in the game.

I believe i've argued again and again (a few times in this thread), that Cruisers are supposedly the "jack of all trades" in Star Trek, with the Escorts or Science vessels being more specialized. Officially, Trek doesn't use such designations (Cruiser, Escort, Frigate, Destroyer etc) unless they are in a state of war. On the FED side, ships are primarily designed for multi-purpose exploration, with the ability to defend themselves if attacked.

Not once, have I viewed any of the "so called" Cruisers in the Star Trek shows/movies, as "flying bricks", which is what they represent in the STO status quo. I'd like to honestly ask the "Escort Captains", what buffs they could conceivably see as appropriate for Cruisers, without necessarily stepping on their turf as "DPS Kings".
Thats exactly the same thing i am preaching since 3 years.
I find it unbeliveable for professional game developers that this is in question at all.
Telling someone who doesn't play this game about this meets just an incredulous shake of the head

The MMO trinity was made for fantasy characters wielding swords, axes and casting magic, NOT for Starfleet ships!

The MMO Trinity doesn't work with Trek ships, period.
Pressing them (star trek ships) into that system can only result in turning them upside down, just for the sake of a system that wasn't made for Star Trek at all.

As i said i find it just unbeliveable for game developers not even to see that problem
(well as long as their beloved Escorts dominate the game...)

The sad thing about this is, it wouldn't need much work to make ships in STO more like they should. But the devs seem not even to reckognise the problem in the first place.

Ultimately it is not that difficult

Escorts: Fast, nimble firepower specialists
Science ships: similar to cruisers, but smaller and mor science focussed.
Cruisers: Jack of all trades, capable of doing almost Escort like Damage or Science stuff.

So in a sense, Escorts and Science ships are specialists while Cruisers should be much more Generalists.

Strangely we don't hear one single word from the devs about that, they don't even respond to a thread like this, because they seem to be not interested in any opinions contradicting to their own.
Personally i find it really sad, because STO has so much potential only limited by some developers egos or opinions.

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