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03-25-2013, 08:11 AM
Worst experience yet KASE (Khitomer Vortex).

Sitting in my Odyssey we killed the first cube fast enough. I announced in team chat I would stop the probes on left side. Which is easy duty I can often even stop probes and solo one of the cubes while doing this.

Everything fine so far, but then I noticed no one responded or even felt responsible for stopping the probes on the right side. I typed it in fleet chat, hoping that some of the fast moving escorts would get the hint and stop the probes. Still no response, I abandoned my post on the left side to stop the probes, but it was too late as the probes had nearly reached the gate and half of the first wave went through.

Meanwhile the first transformer got down (I think two of the escorts had themselves killed by a cube), a jem'hadar (I think it was an escort carrier) at least decided to relief me from guarding also the right side so I could at least stop the probes coming from the left gate again. The whole team scattered, some of them getting themselves killed repeatedly against various cubes. When the last transformer on left side died 4 people went for the gate and I was rushing to the right side in an attempt at damage control, even more probes came through the gate and 8/10 went through, when the gate on the left side fell. On right side only one cube was down and both transformers were still standing.

Again the glorious 4 of this STF decided to ignore probes and incoming spheres leaving them all to me, I asked again for help, still no response. 2 Spheres with their damage and plasma fire proved too much to handle so I exploded. I was sure this STF was a failure but then at least the glorious 4 decided to finally stop the probes.

As a result one of them berated me for not being ready for elite if I cannot stop the wave of probes on my own.

At that point I flew 40km away and seriously considered going afk for the rest of the STF while the glorious 4 team got themselves killed by Donatra a few times.

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