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Just thought I'd share my experiences. I have an engineer, science and tactical captain fed side and have used cruisers and escorts for engineer, science ships and escorts for the science and escorts for the tactical. I mainly do PvE but have dabbled in a slight bit of PvP on my sci and tactical.

For PvP I've enjoyed the power a tactical has in terms of doing attack runs but found out pretty quickly I need to hit and run and not get caught near (5km) more than 2 enemy ships or I will most likely die if they're good. As a sci in a sci ship, oh wow that was fun but I hear insulators have severely crippled drains and I once faced a bug with 9 in insulators, dampners and sensors and could do nothing to him even with 180 in flow caps or switching to 150+ in grav gens.

As for PvP. I mostly do STF for the dilithium and I've found that my tactical in an escort does them the quickest as it kills the fastest, it can survive about 30s at 0km (for max damage) to a gate but I have to run after that or I will die even with the shield and hull heals and resists and defence.
My engineer completes faster and can also carry a team in an escort (HEC as I like it to be more class focused) however since the assimilated set and a few other things help to mitigate weapon power drain I have started flying a DKora which can tank most things and still output 5.7k dps according to ACT and should go to 6k when I'm finished getting the gear.
My science performs better in the mobius or advanced escort packing a GW1. It's useful in a vesta or other sci ships when it can use GW3 and other power drains but it can't compete to using the escorts.

Why is this? It's because the entire mission revolves around destroying X number of enemies in Y time for the optional, though I consider failing the optional as failing the mission. If I had 5 exact duplicates of my cruisers or sci ships then the team would do it with optional though the science would be the slowest.

Fleet missions: Now there's a bit more variety here as you can fail for different reasons like letting things get destroyed and with so many enemies spawning sometimes having crowd control helps. My tactical and the escorts perform generally better here as they can melt through most enemies quicker than they can get to the objective to destroy it. However the sci and science ships will shine a bit better here as CC, scramble sensors and other skills will keep the enemy occupied. My cruiser performs less well here because even with 6 in threat control and 2 mk XII +threat consoles things ignore it but can keep the objective alive so it has its own little niche too.

Starbase 24 and gorn minefield: Escorts win hands down as they can rip apart the higher value objectives quicker. Yes CC is nice to have and tanking 100 ships is great but it won't earn you as many points as killing 10 negh'vars or other ships.

Now the way I see it in PvE, which is what most people play, there's no content that requires anything more than kill these dudes fast or that cannot be won by kill these dudes faster. What needs to happen is that we need more content that requires something other than killing things fast or faster. Hive onslaught for STFs was a step in the right direction, not ferpect but a step. Star base blockade is a great example of a balanced mission however people are too stupid to even complete it well. Yes I do mean that. I see many pugs not use tactical team on freighters, all club together on one, not heal it, some even go after enemies nowhere near the freighter.

Anyway to sum up,
Content needs to be more balanced before classes get balanced.
Tacticals complete all content faster.
Escorts with a science or engineer slant complete all content faster.
This is all when you max out the ship/captain for said content.
Exceptions star base blockade and maybe Hive onslaught.

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