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very well said 95% of players crying have never done any real pvp, they play pve and think have a killer set up then do some pvp and get there ass handed too them, a pvp set up is far different to a pve set up
You know, the arrogance of some players are astounding. Pretty much everyone and their mum knows that PvP set ups are different from PvE. That is basically the same in EVERY mmo where there is PvE and PvP content, with the exception of EvE. For example, in WoW you need resilience gear to do PvP effectively.

The problem is not with people being "under" equipped, the problem is the damage increase of tactical powers are way way way too high when taking the other two classes into consideration.

The reason I say "nerf tacs" is that Cryptic are NOT CAPABLE of creating game balance. They have shown this within 3 years of play. So this is an easier option which does not serve the long time problem but will essentially take minimum Cryptic effort or intelligence. So they should love that idea.

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