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03-25-2013, 09:00 AM
Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
Crying for tacs to be nerfed? Well, nerfing tacs isn't my main goal. It's balance. Nerfing tacs is just one step on that path.

If you think that the classes are equally balanced then you must be living in a dream world or you PRIMARY ship is an escort. How do I know? In every single thread about balancing the ships it is usually the escort players who seem to think that everything is all as it should be. What surprises me is the fact that there are escort captains in this thread who are stating that escorts are too powerful. To those captains I say thank you for being objective about the game. Objectivity when you have a stronger position is an admirable quality and shows true character.
no what I do think is you need to learn how to play your class iv seem lots of sci/engi toons do serious damage as well as tank everything thrown at them, why not use feed back pulse 3 and return all that dps back to the tac/escort use polaron wepons to drain there energy with energy syphon and that tac/escort cant turn or do any dps due to having no energy