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03-25-2013, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by lizwei View Post
I'm sorry, but I'm sick of this stupid, stupid attitude going around.

No Win and Hive Onslaught are not challenging. They're just zerg rushes.
Zerg rushes are not challenging, they're tedious and irritating.
I do NOT want to play missions where I get bum rushed by a million Tholians. They can either come up with a real challenge (and I don't mean invincible mobs that 1 shot you either) or they can keep it "easy".
Fair enough. But they were the best examples I could think of in terms of PvE content that had any sort of 'challenge' to them.

I left out Crystalline Entity for now, because I'm waiting to see what the finalized version will be on Holodeck.

I do want actual challenge still. Not just one-shots and HP bags.

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