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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
PvPers try to protect against drains and damage thrown by thinking people using skills. Sure, not-moving at all looks strange and very 'un-pvping' but then my shoo is smarter then STO AI so why not?
The AI doesn't need to be smart when it has 1 shot "I Win" abilities.

But since you're all saying what powerful "tanks" Escorts are and how Sci ships or Cruisers aren't needed, why don't you post a video on YouTube of you soloing a Tactical Cube, the B'Gers or the Queen's Diamond on an ESTF with your TAC Escort? Show everyone how you're able to not only survive, but destroy the target without ever maneuvering or moving at all - just sitting motionless while you fire weapons on an ESTF Tac Cube, B'Ger or Queen's diamond target until it blows up. We'd all love to see it.
Dear Devs: I enjoyed the Legacy of Romulus expansion much more than the Delta Rising expansion. For specific reasons why and suggestions for future improvements to STO, please look here.

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Anyone calling Valoreah a "Cryptic fanboy" must be new to the forum.