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For your information, Regulus & Sargon will be here to help in any way or take over if life throws those unexpected curve balls at me! - Thanks as always guys, much appreciated.

Before I start, I would like to thank the teams and people who have allowed this tournament to progress to this stage. Thank you all.

The following was a major factor in deciding how to run this tournament:
It's an international tournament with many timezones to consider so making it time bound and viable to as many of the participants as possible was the biggest priority.
That being said, in my opinion, anything more than 4 hours long from the beginning to the end would be nonviable.

The tournament will be broken up into 3 stages:

Group stage (2 hours)
Semi Finals (1 hour)
Finals (1 hour)

Group Stage

20 teams will be split up into 5 groups (Each group consisting of 4 teams).
Each team will play a total of 3 matches within their groups against each team once.
Each match will last 30 minutes or first team to achieve 15 kills wins.
The team with the highest kills will be counted as victors if the match lasts 30 minutes.
Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point and Loss = 0 points.
The 4 highest scoring teams will proceed to the Semi Finals.
If a tie for the 4th spot occurs based on points, the team with the least conceded deaths will go through.
If they are also tied on conceded deaths, a sudden single death match between the 2 tied teams will occur to decide.

Semi Finals

1 match will be played against each other.
Each match will last 45 minutes.
The team with the highest kills will be counted as victors if the match lasts 45 minutes.
Team Captains will roll in game to see which team plays who.
2 highest rollers play each other and the 2 lowest play each other.


The 2 winning teams will go head to head to decide who is recognised as the first official "No BS Space PVP Tournament" champions.
This will be 1 hour long or first team to 15 kills wins.

When this tournament is completed, I want to host a reflection session with the participants to see if the rules worked.

I want to make it very clear to all. My definition of balance for this tournament is to make the tournament fun and not to have a poke at Cryptic to say "Oi, fix this will ya!".

So based on the above, I will be asking for feedback around that. If the rules need amending for the next tournament, then that will be the case.

I am willing to give control over to anybody else who wants to host this tournament in the future.

The tournament will be held on 6th April 2013 - Time 9pm GMT

The Teamspeak Server will be the Boot camp server (Thanks goes out to Pheo - Again)
No Password

Other than that, See ya at the tournament and good luck to you all

Linked Information

Pugmade Tournament Teams - Thank you DarkFrontiers for your help

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