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03-25-2013, 09:50 AM
The problem isn't tactical players, the problem is Cryptic and PWE. They have been butchering the game since F2P with their magical DOFF specialists and continued lockbox fiestas. Do you think it is ever going to stop?

How many promises have they really kept when it comes down to the old content? A few bug fixes that their new content created? Speaking of their "new" content, look they ditched that just as fast as the subscription model.

They need to ditch this "ima make as many consoles and doff specialists as possible to make balance impossible" model and go back to a more appearance based model. People WILL pay to have a pretty skin for their ship.


Now we have a new faction coming up, that will also be neglected. It is nothing more than gimmicks now, because that is how we attract the brainwashed public, gimmicks. Content? What name so? Long term goals? Never. Short term $$$$$ gains? Always.

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