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03-25-2013, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by glassguitar View Post
Five cruisers (cross healing all the while) chain tractor beam, EWP and target engines targetting one escort at at a time. Cruisers - 15, Escorts - 0 ... just sayin.

There is only ONE thing is STO that is truly OP .... TEAMWORK!
I wonder what would happen if you dropped a Grav Well on the cruisers...

My money's on the escorts. Although mass healing cruisers is a challenge, it's nothing that two or more Subnucs can't take care of, and one mistake by the cruiser team would be catastrophic. Escorts are better able to resist what cruisers can throw at them, and they can bug out (haha) to save their own arses, if all else fails.