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Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
That's not 'Truly Sad'.

What's 'Truly Sad' is when you see THREE Armitage all shooting at the same probe and can't kill it.

Now THATS 'Truly Sad' and it happens more often than people think.
Dude, I can blow both yours and his examples out of the water.

I've made an NX build specifically for K.A.S.E. (is it used to be known).
The specifics are here.

I arrived with my super NX, other, seemingly, impressive cruisers appeared beside me, I said hello, and told them that I would do probes on the left side.

Anyway, I was in an elite Khitomer mission, happily blowing away probes without so much as a mistake, and in between probe waves, I would shoot the generators, and battery on my side.

Only one player was periodically chatty. At one point when we BOTH were shooting at the battery on my side, he exclaimed, "Did this guy really bring an NX to KASE?", and I took that in a positive manner, because it seemed he was surprised, not annoyed. I responded positively, with a dash of humor (I can't remember what I said). He responded back (with in team chat the whole time), and said, "Oh no! I'm not bothered by that at all. I'm actually quite impressed." I wrote a smiley, knowing that I had done well, and that I proved I wasn't a troll trying to sabotage random missions.

A little earlier, my impressed team-mate started fighting the cube beside me, I was healing him, (yes, my NX did that lol) - fortunately that bit of healing gave him an edge, when a huge critical hit blew up his ship.
So the cube started draining my shields, I was able to get three of the four probes of the current wave, before there was nothing but bare hull left on my ship. Its obvious what happened then. Fortunately I called on that aforementioned team-mate (who re-spawned earlier than I did) to get the probe(s) that was/were coming through.
I re-spawned about six seconds after him, and went straight for the cube. Surprisingly I was able to distract the cube long enough for him to destroy the next wave of four probes that was coming through. My ship was nearly destroyed again, when he managed to use HE3 on me. We were able to destroy the cube, and then finish off the far-side generator and cube as well. (I had quickly gone over to the far-side to bring in a photonic fleet and a plasma turret, that would distract the cube long enough for him to destroy it.

Aaaaaaanyway, I continued with probes. I look over to the right side, and those seemingly impressive cruisers couldn't handle probes, and were continuously getting blown up. And then it happened. They lost a probe, then another. Fortunately I screamed in all capital letters because NOBODY was working on probes the moment i looked over. They were all near the far-side generators, in the opposite direction of their probe waves.
Finally either someone woke up, and went after them, or they actually had their chat window open and read what I was writing. I'd like the think the latter is more plausible.

So while all of this distress was going on, they finally destroyed the gate, and come to our side, where the two of us were. One dumb dumb, who apparently DIDN'T look at his chat window, didn't see that I said I could handle the probes, which he was continuing to shoot, instead of shooting the gate and not wasting time. I even pm'd him. Nothing. I screamed at him in a PM. nothing. So we lost the optional because those sad, sad little cruisers were wasting time. At which point, my talkative and observant friend, said, "Thank God for w##d, or else I'd be truly pissed right now".
Finally in a pretty much uneventful final fight with Donatra's ship, I and my friend seemed to be doing most of the damage. (No i'm not exaggerating. All my plasma abilities were extremely effective.)
Oh and as a final note, other then that cube that blew me up earlier. I didn't die at all the rest of the mission (not even with the spheres). (My friend also buffed me, which helped a lot). I was even, miraculously, able to tank Donatra's plasma torpedo spread by hitting the even shield distribution button, along with Brace for Impact, and Hazard Emitters. My hull didn't go below 57%)

So in a way, this mission, for me, was truly epic, but very sad at the same time because of the laughable cruisers in the mission).

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