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03-25-2013, 10:23 AM
Before F2P things were pretty easy going, although sometimes it felt like places were ghost towns. I was happy to see so many new people during F2P stuff.

It went well for awhile, sure we had a lockbox, that didn't bother me that much. The dilithium exchange was there but it wasn't required.

Then the StarBase release came out, it turned into a huge grindfest for awhile but there were ways to keep up with it without having 100+ people grinding for it. Then the special feature projects which weren't required but asked for insane sums of dilithium. This was a clear attempt to make Dilithium Exchange used more. It just meant you did a few more elite STFs on multiple characters.

It was manageable and not life sucking.

This then later provoked the fleet mark nerf, and then the great Dilithium Nerf of 2012. Making the grindfest ten times longer than before. Killing off small fleets, and increasing Cryptic's cashflow.

But to quote them "this isn't to nerf players ability to gain dilithium, it is to help make dilithium more readily available for all." or something like that. At least that is how I remember it.

At that point all flags were up, there is no end to the greed, the propaganda, and punishment of players who speak out against it. I mean look at their recent gimmick, a countdown to content that will be later released. A ruse, a way to gather hype. Propaganda at its best. What more can you say? What more can you expect?

If anything, these past months... Cryptic has gotten worse, not better.

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