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03-25-2013, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by rinkster View Post
While not strictly an STF, the following occured earlier today.....

There is a fleet, a task force if you will, that I've flown with on a number of occasions.

They namecheck an interesting early 20th century art movement, and I've always found them to be a good ally.

There are some fleets that, when you see that name over a ship, give you a sense of confidence.

However, today, in Azure Rescue a certain member of said fleet started in on me for the terrible crime of trying to free a scimitar while the tarantula was otherwise engaged.

"Keep doing that and I'll go AFK" was their plaintive cry, "the games not meant to be played like that"

Lo and behold, they did indeed go AFK....leaving the rest of us to try and free as many poor benighted Romulan ships as we could. Which turned out to be a little under the cap for the mission, though not awfully so.

It seems to me that that particular member probably needs to find a new 20th century art movement to emulate. I'd suggest surrealism or possibly dadaism.

They can then impose their own win conditions on group activities, secure in the knowledge that they will merely be attempting to subvert the form in the name of art.
maybe they should have named themselves, "The Baroque Squad" because of how ugly their precious ships are.

Actually that's not a bad idea. Somebody should make a fleet named that way, and just use ugly ships which they consider pcrecious.... you know the non-canon vesta; Exeter; federation dreadnought cruiser from that, now defunct alternate-timeline; Karfi, et cetera. And then have an opposite fleet named the Glam Squad lol (i'm finding this truly hilarious. Don't kind me XD