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03-25-2013, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by solrac77 View Post
For a game we all love, you sure do beat down the staff. takes work to keep it going, constantly updating with so many people online at a time all those different internet connections to take care of and it still works. Just a little set back here and there. I may be wrong but there might be other games out there,maybe, i am not sure about that so don't hold me to it.
Indeed there are many, many other games out there. and if you join you can play many of them with us.

However, I do reserve the right to respectfully use these august fora to express any issues i have with the game or the way it is being run. I try to do so in a constructive way, as merely raging gets nobody anywhere. So, if in another thread, i have upset you with a criticism of staff I do apologise.

That said, come join TAW Omega or House of TAW!

We're friendly, honest. Even if we occasionally point out things we don't like.