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Starfleet Command - Level 10 Clearance

Classified Briefing

Allied Systems Solidarity

2310 - Shadow Grebacier, a Draconian is born on Draconia in the Alpha Quadrant.

2312 - Draconia, formally joins the Federation.

2371 - The U.S.S. Enterprise-D is destroyed over planet Veridian III. The Saucer Section makes an emergency landing on the surface and is subsequently abandoned.

2372 - Benjamin Brougham, a human is born on Earth.

2373 - The Dominion War breaks out with the unification of the Dominion and Cardassia.

2374 - Spakarian Prime, a planet in the Gamma Quadrant is destroyed by the Dominion after organised resistance breaks out against Dominion annexation.

2375 - Antony Hoskins Monkeh, a Trill, is born on the U.S.S. Venture, one of the first Galaxy Class Starships under Admiral Hasture.

2375 - The Dominion War ends, a treaty is established with the Dominion and they return to the Gamma Quadrant.

2379 - Benjamin Brougham graduates from Starfleet Academy at the top of his class and is assigned to the U.S.S. Republic-B.

2379 - Donara "Warhorse" Valdora is born on Nelvana III in the Romulan Neutral Zone.

2379 - Silveria Levantine, a Caitan is born on Cait, capital planet of the Federation member race.

2380 - D'Kmal, a Spakarian is born on a Spakarian freighter in the Gamma Quadrant.

2382 - Derrik Bitbrit, a human is born on Minos Korva along the cardassian border.

2384 - Jadzeya Tarnn, a Trill is born on Trill.

2393 - Antony Hoskins Monkeh enters Starfleet Academy, the only cadet to destroy the Kobayashi Maru rather then enter the neutral zone in the simulation.

2396 - Donara Valdora enters Starfleet Academy as relations between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire improve due to the efforts of the U.S.S. Titan. Donara abandons the Empire in favor for the Federation.

2399 - D'kmal and Derrik Bitbrit enters starfleet academy. The two become fierce rivals, at one point causing an accident while during a flight display over Saturn. nobody was injured and both ships were destroyed.

2399 - Antony Hoskins Monkeh graduates from Starfleet Academy despite the concerns of his instructors. he was assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise-E under Captain Data.

2400 - The Federation declares the Klingon war with the Gorn illegal and the Klingon Empire formally withdraws from the khitomer Accords. The klingon Empire accuses the Federation of Undine Infiltration.

2401 - Donara Valdora graduates Starfleet academy with high honors, she is assigned as a warp field specialist on the Ambassador Class, U.S.S. Republic-B under Captain Benjamin Brougham.

2403 - D'kmal is expelled from Starfleet Academy and is assigned as an enlisted personnel to the U.S.S. Barry Manilow.

2403 - Derrik Bitbrit graduates at the top of his class although despite some rumours of cheating. he uses his families massive wealth and links with the Federation to silence the doubters. he is assigned as an Engineer at the Daystrom Institute of Technology.

2304 - Silveria is recorded as a refugee on the Marionette which was promptly lost in Eris sector, Fate unknown.

2405 - Donara Valdora is imprisoned by Starfleet Security for leading a campaigned protest against the Federation?s stagnation with the Klingon Empire. this causes massive disruption on the Republic but also influences the crew.

2405 - Anthony Hoskins Monkeh achieves his own command, the U.S.S. Valorium Camper, after a reference by Captain Data, who complimented his leadership.

2406 - While in prison, Donara Valdora contacts the Daystrom Institute of Technology and establishes contact with Derrik Bitbrit, using him to get a message to her supporters on the Republic.

2406 - The Marionette re-emerges in zeta sector and appears to be lead by Ex-refugee Silvaria, and is recorded to be attacking Civilian and Military vessels.

2406 - The U.S.S. Valorium Camper suffers heavy damage from a Klingon Surprise attack in the Archanis Sector. Monkeh's wife and child are massacred by the Klingons.

2406 - After the attack in the Archanis Sector, Monkeh defies orders and enters Klingon space. In the Tau Dewa Sector Block Monkeh Refuses to protect the Klingons from Romulan Attack. He is court Marshaled and removed from command.

2406 - Donara Valdora Writes a "manifesto" in which she condemns the Federation for doing nothing to deal with the "barbaric" Klingon Empire Earlier. She uses her contacts on the Republic to distribute the media.

2408 - Silveria contacts Donara and formally declares her alligience. The two begin to plot to undermine the Federation and take the Klingon situation into their own hands.

2409 - Monkeh, becoming a mercenary since his court martial, reads the manifesto and contacts Donara. He joins the conspiracy against both the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

2410 - Monkeh, with the help of the U.S.S. Republic-B, retakes the refitted Valorium Camper and steals the vessel from Earth Spacedock.

2410 - The U.S.S. Republic-D breaks Donara Valdora out of the Federation Prison.

2410 - Donara Valdora announces "independence" from the Federation and the establishment of a "New Order" against the Klingon Empire.

2411 - In an attempt to recruit new planets in the Allied Systems Solidarity, the U.S.S. Republic-D engages the U.S.S. Enterprise-F, inflicting significant damage on each other.

2411 - The U.S.S. Velorium Camper surveys Veridian III as the new homeworld of the Solidarity. The Hulk of the Enterprise-D Saucer is converted into a colony.

2411 - Donara Valdora is formally declared "Empress" of the Allied Systems Soldarity. Diplomatic Pressure from Derrick's influential family and Silveria's connections to Cait, forces the Federation to accept the affirmation of this new power.

2411 - The Allied Systems Solidarity formally declares war on the Klingon Empire and begins constructing their own ships by enslaving or "culturally enlightening" the people of Veridian IV and integrating them as a labour class.

2412 - The Vesta Class plans are stolen by the Solidarity and are used to build the A.S.E. Persephone, Flagship of the Solidarity and personal ship of the Empress.

2412 - More Federation ships defect from the Federation to the Solidarity believing in a campaign of "enforced peace" set out by Empress Valdora.

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