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(Saying Goodbye)

After several years of captaining the same ship, you've just received word from command that you are being reassigned to a different ship in a matter of days. While you have mixed emotions about the new adventure that you are about to undertake, your crew, which, for the most part, is comprised of the same individuals that were onboard when you first took command, is definitely not going to take this lightly. How do you break the news to them? How do they take it? How do you spend your final days with them? What's it like to look back one last time as you exit the ship's airlock? Write a personal log entry sharing the experience.


Not exactly within the letter of the description but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Posted this in the wrong place also. Sorry!


"What's this?" Sasup squinted suspiciously at the electronic tablet in her hand.

Captain Desdemona Corvina stared up at her first officer coolly, "I don't know. Why don't you tell me what you see, Commander."

The first officer's sharp Vulcan eyes quickly scanned the document, her face betraying emotion no more dramatic than 'dawning realization', "It appears to be a... Federation pardon." Her jaw tightened. Even after so many years commanding the woman, Corvina had no idea what Sasup was thinking.

The captain nodded, "That's right Mister Sasup, full pardon. From now on you keep your nose clean, I can't go handing these out too often, but as of this moment you're released from service in Starfleet."

Sasup placed the tablet carefully on the Captain's desk, as if damaging it might jeopardize her freedom, "Sir. You kept your word. Frankly I assumed this day would never arrive."

Corvina spun a bit in her chair, folding her hands in her lap. Her solid black cybernetic eyes gleamed in the low light of her ready room, "Course, I could still use you."

Sasup raised her eyebrow, "Could you."

"Yes. In the intelligence business it pays to have a colleague that knows what you want without your having to ask."

"And I could say, hypothetically, 'to hell with you' and leave the room. A free woman."


Sasup simply stood for a long moment, her grey eyes boring a hole into those of her commanding officer. Des kept a pretty good poker face but inwardly she was nervous. It had been her only play. She knew in her gut that Sasup would have snapped her neck after another year of coerced servitude, but it would be a heavy blow to lose her. Finally, Des couldn't stand the suspense, "You put on a pretty good facade but I know you, Mister Sasup. You love this work."

Sasup took in a breath as if to speak, but said nothing. Corvina continued, "Remember Ferenginar? Gort had a phaser at my temple and you tossed him out the window? We had t--"

Sasup let slip the ghost of a smile as she interjected, "We had to jump out the window ourselves to scale the building and take the phaser before anybody found the body. Made it look like a suicide."

Des chuckled, "Might have been serious trade sanctions if we hadn't. Good times. Got a full plate Commander, plenty of those moments left on my agenda. You could be there with me... if you wanted." She tried for the puppy dog eyes, but with her pale skin and black eyes she suspected the look might have come off more menacing than pitiable.

Sasup tilted her head, "And I'm supposed to forget, I suppose, that I've been serving you essentially at gunpoint for the past five years."

"You don't have to forget, Commander. I wouldn't expect a Vulcan to forget anything. But I'd hope one thing you'd learned during your service was not to take things personally. I needed you then, I needed someone with teeth who wouldn't throw the rulebook at me, and we did a lot of good together whether you were totally willing or not."

Sasup glanced away, "We did."

After another long moment the captain raised her eyebrows, "Well?"

Sasup fixed her captain with an intense gaze. Des knew the look. People had been known to die shortly after receiving it. The commander spoke, "You have a lot to answer for. I've never allowed anyone to slight me the way you did those years ago -- nobody who is still breathing. But you are correct, I've found my tenure here... stimulating. And I can't logically ignore that you kept your word. Here is my proposal, Captain, and it is yours to take or leave."

"Go on."

"Squirm a bit. Give me a week. At the end of the week be on Vulcan, mid day. If I'm not back on board by nightfall you will know I want nothing more to do with you. In the meantime you can, as a human might say, 'sit and spin'. Acceptable?"

Captain Corvina nodded almost imperceptibly slightly.

"If there's nothing further, Captain."

"That's all. We'll set a course for Vulcan immediately, pack your things. Dismissed."

"Aye Captain." Sasup spun on her heel and was gone.

Des Corvina dug an engraved silver cigarette case from her desk, "Computer. Air filtration." She let out a heavy sigh and lit up a cigarette, inhaling deeply. Not a common vice, or a cheap one, but after a candid conversation with her first she found it was the only thing that calmed her.

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