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03-25-2013, 12:24 PM
Probably too late now...
I started out as an engineer, and I didn't have too many problems. I don't recommend SCI as a beginner though, some say it's more difficult. I myself have had a lot of trouble with my sci char.
My tac was fine until I got to endgame, then realized I totally messed them up. Still fixing that mess. However that was more my fault than the profession (didn't realize the Bird of Prey is NOT an escort until it was too late, oops...).

Here's a tip: don't mix and match weapon types. Pick a type you like and stick to it (ie. phasers, polaron, etc...). Then you can get consoles which just boost that type, which give you more damage. You can always change later on, but try to switch all your weapons at once (although it is costly later on in the game). This advice applies mainly to energy weapons, but is also good for torpedos/mines.

Anyway, welcome and I hope you have fun!

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