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Originally Posted by questerius View Post
...Perhaps this explains the hate towards the Isometric Charge...
I know this thread is about your Breen Build, but I hope you don't me popping in and asking about the Isometric Charge, as it's come up a couple of times. Many months ago, I remember reading such positive reviews about the IC, that I got one for myself. However, I never found it that impressive. I figured I was just Doing it Wrong(tm), but dropped it anyway in favor of other things.

So I'm curious... As a fan yourself, would you mind explaining to me how you use it, and what results you expect to get, like how much damage it does, etc. If you please, list both your "average use" and your "best case" results (possibly, even post times you used it poorly and got "bad" results).

Is there any other "secrets" or "tips" you have for using it? Are their particular powers you use first to set up a best result, or are there abilities or devices that otherwise buff the effects of the IC?

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your teachings.

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