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Originally Posted by deianirrah View Post
It might be worth noting that You can repeat the 7th mission (the one where You get a Duty officer), it is a Rare DOff mission that can occur in the respective sector...
Not quite true. You can never take >Sector< Renown again. It's a one-shot and can't be repeated. The Renown DOff assignment takes 15mins, has an automatic success rate, and always grants a specfic Rare (Blue) DOff as determined by whichever cluster the assignment was started.

However, the Renown does unlock access to the Support mission for that given cluster. I believe this is what Dejanirrah may have been referring to. So for instance, once the OP finished the Zenas Renown, he can go back to Zenas and look for Support Zenas Colonization Efforts in the Cluster or via the Operations Department Head. The Support is a Rare assignment.

Completing a Support with a success grants you a white Refugee. Completing the Support with a Critical Success grants you a DOff of the same specialization as the Renown DOff, but of Very Rare (Purple) quality (plus the white Refugee). It's best to stack the officers you're sending to increase your Crit chance, to win the Purple DOff.

Renown assignments can only be done once. Supports can be repeated as often as you find them, and every Crit gives you the appropriate Purple DOff for that cluster. Many of them are worth having multiple copies. They are, however bound, so no selling extras, mores the pity.

More info here:

Good luck!

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