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03-25-2013, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by meurik View Post
Wrong. Up until recently, Cruisers are Tanks, Science are Support, and Escort are DPS Kings. If a Cruiser or Science ship wanted to do comparable dps, he/she gets told to re-roll in an Escort. Cruisers and Science ships have weapons too, don't they?

They have virtually identical weapons, and weapon strength is based primarily on available power (warpcore). Unless ships are limited to sublight only (most shuttles), then the ships with the biggest warpcore (Cruisers) should technically be capable of the most damage potential.
its your oppinion that they are supposed to tank. Cryptic stated and no i cant get a direct link to this, that before launch and after, that the term tank doesn't mean trinity tank but ability to absorb damage, they used tank because people understood that concept.