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Read everything. For all the bemoaning about how explanations in game are woefully inadequate, I actually find that most things are explained. The only problem is, usually the explanations are only given once, even for important things, and if you don't read it, or just miss it, you're not reminded of it again.

For example, instructions on how to aim and crouch are given during the tutorial, and why you would want to use them, but many people don't read that, don't use it during the tutorial, and never know that it can be done.

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Thanks for the quick replies, pretty much just the sort of things I was looking for.

@Dany in BSGO there are duff items that you can spend weeks grinding for and upgrading, that turn out to be worthless.. so just thought I'd check BEFORE starting if there is anything like that here.

Game seems less of a cash-grab from those replies, than BSGO. Forums seem much the same.
There's a lot of things in the cash shop, called here the C-Store. (Some people call it the Z Store - they are wrong.) But nothing in there is anything you need to be able to access all the missions and events in the game, or needed to beat any of them. There is nothing you need to buy in there if you don't want to. That said, if you do end up enjoying the game, I would advise subscribing for at least a single month. You'll get various benefits such as 500 Zen for the C-Store, expanded inventory, bank, bridge officer slots, and so on. The majority of which you get to keep when your subscription runs out. (The more important exception is the expanded money limit.)

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Make your toon a tactical captain. You get a free ship at level 20, 30, and 40. Take the Escort ship everytime. That is the game at its simplest. Dont worry about making mistakes, you can always delete and start over.
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Probably too late now...
I started out as an engineer, and I didn't have too many problems. I don't recommend SCI as a beginner though, some say it's more difficult. I myself have had a lot of trouble with my sci char.
I disagree with these two opinions here. I'd say pick any class and ships you want. The game is not so hard that any combination is useless. Obviously, a tactical captain will probably kill things easier than a science or engineer, but it doesn't mean a science or engineering captain can't kill things just fine too. Just a little bit slower. And personally, I find my tactical captains all really boring. All their abilities just boil down to "do more damage".

As far as ships go, feel free to choose any type of ship strikes your fancy, regardless of what your captain is. A tactical in an escort emphasizes the escort's strengths, while reinforcing it's weaknesses. An engineer in an escort on the other hand, help to support each of their weaknesses with their strengths. Personally, I would suggest picking a different type of ship (cruiser, escort, science vessel) with your first 3 free ships at level 10. 20, and 30, and then for your level 40 ship, picked the one you most enjoyed trying out previously.
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