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03-25-2013, 02:28 PM
I watched an episode from DS9 in which dahar master kor using a bop de-cloaks and kill several jhas while decloaked .In the end dies with honor to the last jhas but his death gives time to other ships from kdf formation to escape.
That is what I think it is a image of klingon spirit.Stay and fight in in open with your foes.( i know it is a movie but the spirit is there)
I think that kdf need's such a escort having among other things a bop skin just to close the gap between the game and the movie.
I will not speak about stats but it is time to make a really good escort-bop for kdf.All the kdf escorts until now were made especially to be under federation escorts.(fleet somraw now is good after the shield mod was fixed but it is under fleet defiant or kumari)
This bop-escort shoud be able to stand and fight a fleet defiant or a kumari and be equal to them.
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