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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
The simple answer comes down to where a ship 'fits' in terms of role when you actually come out of the PvE into PvP. Raptors may be, technically, 'escorts' but they're not good at the role, BoPs otoh may not be as powerful as FedScorts, but they manage the "escort" role better than the ships that are technically supposed to BE escorts (aka Raptors).
BoPs are completely different. And the dev team has to make them adhere to a different standard of itemization and design budget. They're not escorts. Never have been.

If the federation had Raiders, nobody would fly the federation escorts.

Fast, quick-turning, high-firepower and reliant on evasion instead of tanking.
Fed escorts don't turn as fast as BoPs. Have more firepower on some of them (5 tac consoles, one even has 5 forward weapons). Nothing on the fed side has the evasion ability of a battle cloak. And it pays a huge price in tanking for that.

BoPs are similar to Escorts in that they can equip DHCs. But so can a Vesta and a Galaxy X. None of them are anything like a BoP.