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# 58 My Ship Setups
03-25-2013, 03:47 PM
I'll just give a setup up of the main ship I use.

Zoe Graystone - Odyssey Tactical Cruiser Setup:

I use the Adapted MACO set. Gives me the best shields and 25% more damage on all torpedo's.

1 beam bank fore and aft, one fore dual beam bank, two aft turrets, one quantum torpedo for and aft, and fore heavy weapons slot switching between Bio-Neural Warhead, Cluster Torpedo, and currently Tricobalt torpedo.

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator, Weapon and Shield batteries, and deuterium surplus.

Engineering: Chevron Seperation, *ODY's only* rare EPS flow regulator MK XI, very rare Monotanium alloy MK X*, and assimilated module*.
*Consoles are switched out with rare SIF Generator MK XI, depending on the situation.

Science: Work Bees, *ODY's only* rare shield emitter amplifier MK XI, and rare field generator MK XI

Tactical: Aquarius Escort, *ODY's only* 2 rare phaser relays MK XI


Tactical use HY III, Torp Spread, Attack Patterns, Beam Overload, and Tactical Team.
Science use mainly Tractor Beams and Replusors.
Engineering use Aux to hull integrity, Repair Team III, transfer power to weapons and shields, and extend shields III.

I use Odyssey as heavy support, strongly defensive and focusing on one target at a time hoping to draw them off allied escorts and science vessels and keeping all allied ships healed.

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