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03-25-2013, 04:30 PM
[quote=valoreah;8807551]Orion women can, yes. That's canon to Trek. You didn't see Dr. Crusher, Troi, Janeway, Seven of Nine, T'Pol, Hoshi Sato, Ro Lauren, Tasha Yar etc. walking about the ship in a bikini every week, did you?

Eh, not every week, i'm not trying to be offensive to you. They did wear swimsuits and were even shirtless in the show. The mirror universe showed a lot of skin. I didn't say you had to wear them walking around on the ship Obviously you would wear them for recreational like holodeck or vacationing. Could even just have it so you have swim trunks and a white tank top or T-shirt. Maybe make it a holoemitter you could wear. Just would make the game more fun is all