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It's exactly that sort of validation, and she sought it from Seven when they first met too. I hadn't thought of the comparison between them, but you captured it perfectly with Dukat. They're exactly the same kind of villain: charismatic, seductive and determined to present themselves as misunderstood saviors. What makes them both villains is that nothing their victims say really matters. They're going to do what they want anyway, and their attempts to win the other person's approval are just an elaborate, narcissistic dance.
Now that would be a match made in hell: assimilated Dukat. The Borg Queen and the Borg King. Ewwwwwwwwww.

Then again, that's actually kind of what happened when the Pah-Wraiths overrode Dukat's free will and took him over... O_o For all the controversy about what happened to Dukat in the end, I find it fitting because he ended up having done to him exactly what he tried to do to others.

That's how the game handles them, though, so at least you can plead faithfulness to STO canon.
True...though given Alyosha's origins in "Time's Arrow," I am trying to reconcile both depictions as much as possible.

Truth be told, though, I favor STO's treatment of the Devidians, since I am of the mind that budget limitations kept TNG from showing as much as they might have otherwise--stuff like showing the Devidians having a form more distinct from that of humanity, or showing them really moving around, throwing telekinetic blasts, or directly draining their victims. (I get the idea they have a machine that can do it and store what they take for later, from "Time's Arrow," or if they're just really pissed off, or intending to flat out take over an area, they just go directly for the kill.)
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