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03-25-2013, 04:37 PM
I like the voyager series the most. They are just trying to get home. Enterprise is great too, because we discover new world.
And i hate DS9. The space, species are good, but the federation there is really bad. They still talk about peace, democracy and everything good, but they do everything to overpower others. Hypocrites, dissemblers. Other fractions are often more "good" than federation there and so you can see how scenarists are just forcing them to be bad (and they are not good at it, it happens to be so obvious), like hortas or guls. And Sisko is bigheaded blockhead without any heart. He will lie, cheat and use force to get rid of ppl who don't agree with him or make them obey. And scenarists still "talk" about him as he was great. It is nonsense.