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03-25-2013, 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
I just want my Exocomp back. I miss him. It makes me very sad that I cannot reclaim him, nor can the GMs give me a replacement.

Seems like that would be easy to police; my account obviously has a notation that I own the thing, as the game can prevent me from getting a new one. It's not tradeable, so there's no danger of abuse. Just let the GMs escalate the ticket to somebody who can re-grant the lost item, and then have their supervisors have the ability to grant the item only to accounts that already have the flag, but don't have the item.

Either that or make the red warnings that you'll lose the item come BEFORE the text that currently forces the warning to scroll out of view if you happen to be doffing from a laptop with a small screen one day and lose your Exocomp.
I had a similar issue. The red text warning the doff would be lost was in the very bottom of the text and even though I had it scrolled all the way down, the menu window is so incompetently coded it does not display the red text if you have the doff menu in the smallest size setting. You have to literally expand the doff menu to almost full screen to see the g-damn red text.

Lost 2 purple (1 unique) doffs in that stupid mission.

Put in ticket.

Get the usual idiot robot reply of 'were sorry blablabla but we cant do it'.

Tried to access the PWI cost. service support site as per the link. OH LOOK... it is redirected in ways it can never resolve. THE F'ING WEBSITE IS NOT ACCESSIBLE NO MATTER WHAT BROWSER YOU USE.

So I send email to costumer service itself with my issue as well as CLEARLY detailing why I have to e-mail them and not use the support site.

Their reply: Dont email us. Use the support site.

I've reached the inbred hotline or something...

So I e-mail them a THIRD time.

It was never replied to.

Then I receive email saying that because I didn't contact them the ticket was closed and considered resolved.