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Originally Posted by thegreendragoon1 View Post
I'm a little confused as to what you're trying to do. Why to you need a map dialog over a standard story popup dialog? It might be easier if you could describe what's happening in the scene. From the player perspective what do you want to happen?
I'm a little confused as well. I "think" I might know what you mean, so I'll try to answer this. If you need a dialog to happen in between your object interact and the map transition, then just place the dialog on the storyboard right after the Interact With Object objective, instead of putting it on the map. The "Next Map" dialog should appear right after that.

Pop-up dialogs on the map are different from the ones placed in the Story tab. They do not directly correspond with story dialogs/objectives. I believe the reason why your object reverted back to the "Immediately" trigger is because when you place an object as an objective in the story, it is no longer allowed to be triggered by objects outside of the story. I hope that made some type of sense...

If you want an objects to trigger based on a dialog you put on the map, you can use "Dialog Prompt Reached", which allows you to access map dialogs to trigger effects. Again though, this has no direct effect on the storyboard.

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