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03-25-2013, 06:06 PM
I love Janeway. She's my favorite villain.

Hey I get it some people like Voyager but I rarely do. They never took any risks and always with the magic reset button. You look at the best episode of the series, Scorpion and the reason it works is because it was what the show was suppose to be about in the first place, stranded on the other side of the galaxy with two crews fused together but with friction suppose to be between them because of fundamentally different ideologies. And thats almost never a factor. It got so side lined that the only way they could explore the conflict between Marquis and Starfleet was through Tuvoks fan fiction. DS9 did more with the Marquis and the Marquis wasn't even envisioned as been a part of DS9, they were specifically created for Voyager.
I don't hate Voyager by any means. I'm just disappointed in it. It could of been SO much better than what it was but it never lived up to it's potential. Although I'm not sure I can ever completely forgive them for Neelix.

Hey at least it isn't Enterprise. The show were our "hero" committed genocide and then tried to act like it was the "moral" thing to do. oh and he's racist too.

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I just think you couldn't be more wrong. But since I don't think English is your first language I'll keep it simple, While Sisko is a flawed man at least he feels bad when he's forced to do bad things. I agree that show is dark but thats the point, its a show about frontier life and later all out war. Not all the problems are solved.

Also I don't think Sisko ever lied, cheated or used force to get rid of people who disagreed with him. Except in "In the pale moonlight" but that was to get the Romulans into the war and is just another form of the idea of the path to hell been paved with good intentions.

Hey I might as well also do a plug for SFdebris. Great reviewer of Trek and science fiction in general. Far more eloquent and open mined in how he makes his points then I am.