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03-25-2013, 07:24 PM
Story dialog pop-ups and their series of prompts cannot be used as triggers for NPC visibility on the map. Therefore they are useless for what I am doing.

What I am doing is, I have a ship that decloaks during the dialog. One of the dialog prompts triggers the NPC visibility and it plays the decloak animation. Then subsequently another dialog prompt triggers it to become invisible, meanwhile an exact duplicate of it becomes visible, then warps out. To the player it appears as though the enemy ship has decloaked, then warped out during the conversation, seamlessly.

The only problem I have is that at the completion of the dialog, there is no way to then push the storyline forward from there to allow the player to chase after the ship who just warped out.

What I have done as a work-around is to create a place marker on the storyline where the player must go after the map's dialog pop-up finishes, and from there, they warp out.

However I don't like this solution because it's still possible for the player to ignore the dialog pop-up and just go straight to the circle on their mini-map, then jump to the next map without ever seeing the enemy ship they are supposed to be chasing.

I think it's a major flaw in the Foundry that you cannot use Storyline dialog pop-up prompts as triggers for NPC visibility on the map. It's also a major flaw that you cannot have the completion of objectives on your map (like killing enemies or completing dialog) be used as pre-requisites before aspects of the storyline can move forward. This hard separation between the map and the storyline is really a huge bug, or design flaw, and needs to be fixed.

I spent quite awhile trying to come up with a work-around for this problem and the fact that I had to add unnecessary "busy work" to my mission just to make the storyline consistent is really lame.