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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
I still think you should stick to story dialogs. Copy-paste your text to story dialogs, delete your map popups, and use "objective complete/in progress" triggers to change the state of your objects and NPCs.
Dialogs on the storyline do not get "Objective Complete" triggers. You can put the dialog on the storyline but it does not show up in the triggers.

EDIT: I did discover that "Dialog With Contact" can be used successfully for this on the Storyline. You still have to use a clone of the NPC but it lets you use the storyline.

First the setup is:
you need two NPCs that are identical with the same name, right on top of each other. One will have the "cloak" animation and one will have the "warp out" animation. The "cloak" one will be set to appear at the completion of objective (1) below, and to disappear upon the completion of objective (2). The "warp out" one will be set to appear after the completion of objective (2) and to disappear after the completion of objective (3).

The storyline steps are:
(1) Interact with Object -- makes NPC Contact Appear.
(2) Dialog with Contact -- talk to their ship. (Caveats: their ship must be within a few KM of the player's ship in order for the "Dialog with Contact" button to appear. There is no configurable radius, and it will always say "Talk to [Name of Contact]" -- unfortunately you can't change this to say "Hail [Name of Contact]" etc. You must edit the dialog in the storyline to set the NPC's costume, and none of the dialog can be used to trigger any "Dialog Prompt" triggers in the map, which is still a bad limitation.)
(3) Interact with Object -- use an invisible object of large size around the player's ship. I used the text, "Track warp vector." The completion of this objective will cause the warped-out NPC to disappear. (Caveat: this is necessary because otherwise the NPC ship will still appear appx. 10km away; the warp-out animation doesn't fully get rid of it.)

As a general rule, do not use popups on your map, unless you want to hide easter eggs and optional objectives and triggers on your map. There is no other use for these popups.
Yes there is! The use of these pop-ups is that each of their prompts can trigger NPC visibility and other things.

It's true that you can make a workaround in the way I've described, but I still prefer the flexibility of the dialog prompt triggers. This lets you do a lot more different dialog, even branching dialog, in between options, without then having to resort to "scan object" garbage.

It's very hard to maintain such missions afterwards, if you choose to use popups on your map instead of story dialogs.
This is a flaw in the Foundry. It needs to be fixed.

EDIT: The workaround I found is OK, but it would still be useful on many levels to have interaction links between storyline and map.

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