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03-25-2013, 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Oh I can think of some ...

Rotate Shield Frequency = all shield abilities (EptS, TSS, RSP)

Since after you are messing with the shields.

EPS Power Transfer = all Emergency Power to abilities.

After all you are raising power levels.

Miracle Worker = Engineering Team

You are healing the hull by being Mister Scotty by leading the Engineering Team in repairs, naturally they will be busy.
Why cant someone rotate their shield frequency wile still using emergency power to their shields or transfer their shield strength or reversing their shield polarity? This is not the same as using 2 Attack Patterns at the same time. You can only use 1 Attack Pattern at same time not 2.

EPS is not the same. Yes your raising power levels but their are multiple ways to do so that don't prevent other ways.

Miracle Workers is a single person performing a Miracle and that person does not prevent a Engineering team at another location of the ship do their work.

Attack Pattern Alpha with another Attack Pattern makes no sense whatsoever wile all the others have a possibility of being done at the same time.