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03-25-2013, 07:50 PM
My opinion on your build, keeping within what you have set up for the most part...

First think I would do is move the Borg Console and the Zero Point console to engineering in place of the RCS and the EPS consoles and replace them with two more polaron consoles. If you are going to use all beams, broadsiding is probably going to be your best bet, turing only to fire your torp. And I haven't found EPS to be very useful unless you are switching power levels a lot in battle. IMO you would benefit a lot more as a tactical officer with damage as your concern especially, with all 4 tac consoles buffing your energy damage.

I would drop the Aux2Battery unless you are going to use 2 sets and 3 purple tech doffs. Slot a second EPTS in the ensign position and and either an Aux2structural or Eng team in the Lt. position.

For PvE, instead of the having the HYT2, maybe go for a FaW2. Unless you want to focus on single target. Most of the PvE content at end game is made up of MoBs, so a spread and FaW is usually a good thing.
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