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# 1 "Wrath of Khan" Requests
03-25-2013, 10:03 PM
So, despite all this recent stuff with the Romulans, I'm putting some requests in for some more "Wrath of Khan" items. So, without further ado...

Burst / Pulse Firing Phaser Banks - Evidenced greatly from this movie. The movies is the only place where we've seen general phaser banks fire like this. TOS and TNG onwards have been the traditional steady beams. Please include the unique sound effects too!

"Lightning" Photon Torpedo Sound Effect
- Really the only time in all Star Trek that Photons sounded this cool. Like freakin' lightning. Also in the same scene more Burst / Pulse Firing Phaser Banks.

Star Trek I - VI Era Bridges - Namely the bridges from the Constitution Refit / Enterprise. The Miranda / Reliant and Excelsior bridges and interiors would be total icing to the cake.
Edit to add: In addition, like the TOS Constitution Bridge / Interior Set, that the crew NPCs wear the different uniforms of the TMP era, to include the well known officer uniforms as well as the jumpsuits and engineer smocks.

Red Alert Sound Effect - From TWOK, specifically from the Kobayashi Maru simulation. Another example, adapted from TMP movie by someone for a Bridge Commander game mod.

Movie Era Constitution and Miranda Skins - Some slight tweaks. Firstly, glowing nacelles wasn't the norm for Starfleet ships of the timeframe.
Edit to add: Also, please include endgame versions of the TMP era refits for the Constitution and Miranda class ships. A nice bonus would be appropriately lower hull numbers, since these ships were made long ago, i.e. NCC-1750 or something like that, instead of the much larger numbers with modern Starfleet vessels.

Environmental Suits from Star Trek VI: Specifically the ones used by the assassins in this movie (53 seconds).

2278 - 2350 Starfleet Uniforms
A variety of items could be added in from this era. Namely, I'd love to see the Field Jacket that was worn by Kirk and his away team when they beamed down to the planet. The Bomber Jacket that was worn by Scotty would be nice, too. Also the skirt would be another addition, since none come with the TWOK set.

TWOK Officer's Jacket Fix - As shown from Uhura's picture, STO has a coloring problem. Specifically, the version with the jacket flap open. As it stands with STO, the underside matches colors with whatever the player picks for the collar and shoulder board. That's not supposed to be, it should always remain that white/off-white color.

In addition:
Originally Posted by balran View Post
I would also like to add to the list a little. The shoulder board/strap has a tendency to break or bend in weird ways on characters with particularly broad shoulders and just looks bad in general. I would also like to see the 'pips and squeaks' that appear on the left sleeve division band that are used to denote length of service and to display commendations and awards.
Uniform Insignia & Ranks - Of all the uniform sets for any era of Star Trek, those used in II thru VI were by far the most detailed. As it stands, STO's TWOK uniforms only allow the Captain devices. More could be added.

These movie era uniforms had always been my favorite Starfleet uniforms in all of Star Trek. Enlisted had their working style uniforms, but the famed uniforms from these movies are those worn by the officers. TNG onwards did adopt the proper, modern Naval uniform style of common jumpsuits. But for the movies with Kirk, minus TMP, the costume designers opted for the older naval tradition. The regular sailors having working uniforms, and officers were unmistakable in their appearance and looked like officers.

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